Type of interaction


Spontaneously emerging


· Engagement does not depend on attendance (in-person/online), but more on the “activities” planned

· Weekly or regular activities and assignments are great for keeping motivated and engaging with content

· Keep hybrid formats as they increase flexibility

· Voluntary decision on attendance mode (in-person/online)

Divergent views

· Traditional lectures help structuring and create the “stress” to follow the content, helps following the content

· Media-content improvement: no need for video of the class for online lectures; Smaller videos help reducing workload (efficient time use)

· Recordings are nice but less worth it due to less interaction

Pushed questions


· Workload: not necessarily more related to online but to the activities planned, e.g. projects are more workload

Divergent views

· The role and importance of good Q&A sound—the Catchbox: fun in the beginning but “nasty” in the end