Thematic axes


Example of activities


addresses topics related to the human body, its physiology, nutritional demands, diseases and well-being

Anatomy, Microscopy, Food pyramid, Knowing your cells


addresses topics from large areas of knowledge such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics in general activities that aim to present and explore issues of the environment and everyday life

Solar cooker, Sprouting paper, Arthropods, Electroconductivity, Pantograph


mainly addresses themes of new technologies associated with the use of digital devices focusing on experiences and building knowledge and solutions for day-to-day

Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Attention and Movement, Augmented Reality, Robotic Programming


addresses issues in the humanities such as arts, history, letters and Inclusion, aiming above all to keep human relations and culture alive

Braille, Puppet theater, Painting the body, LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language)