Helpful to achieving the objectives

Harmful to achieving the objectives

Internal origin


S1. City Hall resources

S2. Reputation and legitimacy

S3. Great involvement of managers

S4. Democratization of culture and education

S5. Community involvement

S6. Diverse activities in the equipments


W1. Limited box office

W2. Limited seats

W3. Limited fund-raising strategies

W4. Lack of strategic planning

W5. Lack of communication, marketing and brand identity

W6. Lack of training of managers and new leaders

W7. Problems in the maintenance of the equipments

External origin


O1. Strength of Rio de Janeiro’s creative economy

O2. Relationship between the City and culture

O3. Diversity of funding sources

O4. Great talent offer

O5. Increased social actors’ engagement with social and cultural policies


T1. Bureaucratic obstacles

T2. Increasing violence

T3. Increasing political instability

T4. Increasing financial crisis

T5. Political discontinuity

T6. Threats to cultural diversity in Rio de Janeiro