Teaching focus, difficulty and solution

This chapter elaborates on the difficulties of writing the beginning and ending part of speech To solve this difficulty, during the teaching process, teacher will demonstrate various examples to students in detail through multimedia devices, vividly explain the various writing styles of the beginning and end part of the presentation, so as to enable students to understand the features and structure of these two parts and gain profound understanding of writing methods. And guide the students to write their own beginning and ending part for certain topic successfully through the group activities. Cooperative learning can exercise students’ cooperation spirit, and to a certain extent, reduce the difficulty of writing, improve students’ interest in learning, is conducive to learning in-depth. Organizing presentations in class can increase students’ chances of practice and reduce student stress. According to NLP the evaluation and feedback phase can stimulate students’ reflection on their performance and benefit from it.

Teaching environment

Multimedia Classroom

Teaching process

Teaching session

Teaching content

Time cost

Teacher activities

Student Activities

Knowledge teaching

Usage of introduction part in public speaking

25 mins

Use PPT and video examples to introduce 7 typical methods of how to write an effective beginning part of a speech.

According to the instruction of teacher and audio-visual demonstration, students discuss within groups to figure out the characteristics of different beginning part writing types and the appropriate topic and situation the writing styles can be applied.

Skill practice


40 mins

Students are required to write an introduction part of a speech on the two topics provided by teacher. Students need to discuss with other participants in the same group, select a suitable method of writing from the 7 types of writing introduction, and complete the introduction within a hundred words in 25 minutes.

Other group need to provide comments and feedback to all the other groups.

Students start with a group discussion at the beginning and writing the introduction with collaborative work, after writing every group would present their introduction in front of the whole class.

While one group presenting on the platform, other groups listen carefully and give reflection ang suggestion afterward.

Knowledge teaching

The Conclusion

25 mins

Use PPT and video to show students the function of ending part and how to write an effective ending.

According to the elaboration of teacher, students learn the characteristics of different types of ending part writing and the appropriate topics they can be applied.

Teaching Evaluation

Learning target

Practice and assessment

Through teaching and group practice on relevant tasks to enhance students’ understanding of the beginning and ending part of English speech, and let students practice these two parts of the writing

Require students to complete writing of beginning part Through group work, and present the outcome in front of the class. In the evaluation session, enable students to give and receive valuable feedback. After explaining the method of writing the ending part, arranging assignments for the students to write the ending part after class.