Dear the members of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Consultative Committee,

At the 21st century North-East Asia era, the western coastal region of Korea has geographical advantages of being the kernel of the hub of North-East Asia. Specially Incheon, which has a natural seaport, has been a central place for the national trade since early times. With a desire to become a hub of the North-East Asian trade, Incheon is currently planning to construct an international seaport. However, it is suggested that tidal effects must be considered as a very important factor when we construct the harbor. However, I could not understand the importance of the tidal effects on designing and constructing the seaport.

Not in eastern coastal region, the differences between the rise and fall of the tide are great in the peninsula’s western coastal region, and Incheon has been a candidate for the national tide power plant. So I have a vague idea that the tide effects will be of importance.

To my embarrassment, I must confess that I am poor at the scientific understanding though I am a person in charge of the harbor.

I should be much obliged to you if you visit to our city hall to give a simple briefing about the tidal effects on designing the harbor at 8th May.

Hong, gil-dong


The Metropolitan City of Incheon