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What are Arthropods?

“What are arthropods? ... Ah ... It’s a kind of animal. An Animal Kingdom …I cannot define…are animals of the Animal Kingdom that is it.”

“Are animals with jointed legs walking.”

“Are animals belonging to the taxonomic filo.”

“Animals with jointed legs.”

Arthropods are important?

“Negative because they can transmit diseases to humans and also does not let us sleep, and positive ... ah ... the honey bee they can use as a food source.”

“The same thing they can be positive or negative, because they can devour crops, and positive because some may also eat other insects, is to kill insects that harm our health.”

“Yes, to be studied and produce medicines that prevent diseases that come this insect.”

“Yes, as pollinators.”

How divided is the body of insects?

“In head, thorax and abdomen.”

“The body of the insect thorax is divided into head, the head has eyes and antennae, the thorax has wings and legs and the abdomen has other important organs of arthropods

“In head, thorax and abdomen.”

“In head, thorax and abdomen.”