Dynamic evaluation

Pre-Test questionnaire and plasticine use

A questionnaire containing seven questions was orally presented and the responses about students’ preconceptions about arthropods were recorded and transcribed.

Plasticine was offered to both visually impaired and non- visually impaired students so that they could represent arthropods according to their preconceptions. After that, they shared their models raising discussions about the anatomy of arthropods and their importance to the environment.

Test kit (2D and 3D-didactic material)

We presented the group Phylum Arthropoda to students. They were divided into two group: a) a group that interacted with 2D-material, along with a brief explanation of each taxon and the importance to the environment they live in. This group also interacted with the 3D models having the size and distribution of parts perspective in the whole structure. b) the other group had no material offered, but the explanation of each taxon.

Post-test conceptions by using plasticine and questionnaire

In order to assess whether there was any change in the primary conceptions after the presentation of the material, students were asked again to represent each arthropod using plasticine and to answer the questionnaire.

Post-test evaluation of the remaining conceptions and students’ opinions about the material

In order to analyze the remaining conceptions one month after the latest discussion 4th step about the topic, we apply the post-test questionnaire once more as well as the questionnaire regarding their opinion about the 3D models as complements to the material.