Executed Activities

Collected Documents


Meeting work for preparation of students questionnaires

Introduction letter and authorization for access to the two secondary schools-Deadline to the application of the questionnaires.


Access to the central Library of the Campus El Carmen and the online consultation system.

Lending two lots of books in benefit to theoretical studies ( related to the study theme)


Technical visits to the City of Almonte and the two IES that participated in the research

Getting 149 questionnaires, from 3rd and 4th years of Secondary school and Bachelor Degree. Institutional interviews.


Monitoring the festivities; visit to Triana Brotherhood in Almonte.

Photographs and news from press; highlight the integration between religious tourism and the calendar of urban events.


Summarizing the questionnaires and interview with the teachers

Application and getting the 5 questionnaires from the teachers in meetings in the IES-Schedule the activities in May/2013


International Fair of Tourism in Madrid; visit in the city boards.

Folders that highlight the itineraries, European and Spanish, of religious tourism. Photographic records.


Monitoring News until the return of the Pilgrimage to Village

News from the online journal www.huelvainformació, more 6 questionnaires from students who participated the final Pilgrimage.