Theme 4

Example (direct quotations)

Post-intervention: Increased curiosity about other cultures



I would like to learn about the food of the other countries and how it is cooked (cycle one student).



It would help to be able to talk to people from other countries if I knew more words in their languages. I like talking to people from other places now, so I think this would be useful (cycle one student).



I need to learn how to understand facial microexpressions better as I am still confused as it is difficult to understand what people mean by facial microexpressions (cycle one student).


Other cultures’ textures

It is very important to experience cultures regularly, as this would enhance his intercultural communication experience. Traveling is the best way to inspire curiosity about other cultures, but you can also have exposure to different cultures by visiting different kinds of restaurants or districts in another city.


Religion and values

I like to learn about the values and the beliefs of different cultures. This would help me to talk more with people from other countries, and to be more confident when I talked to them (cycle one student).


Social relationships and interactions

I want to know what families are like in other cultures, such as who live together, and how they treat their families. I would also like to know how students talk to their teachers and each other at school (cycle two student).

Summary Analysis of Theme 4

Ÿ Students noted an increased curiosity and enthusiasm about other cultures without being completely satisfied. This is as researched by Deardorff (2011) .

Ÿ This curiosity was spread over a wide array of topics.

Ÿ This curiosity contrasted with the pre-intervention attitudes where students were superficial in their manifestations and responses were overtly pejorative.

Ÿ The curiosity displayed by students may point to future improvements to the ICC intervention.