Theme 3

Example (direct quotations)

Post-intervention: Increased engagement with cultural out-groups


Increased engagement in ICC

I become friendlier with people who come from different cultures. I like to talk to them online, and I do not get offended so easily (cycle one student).


Increased confidence

I did not want to talk in class, but now I see that I can say things if other people can say things (cycle two student).


Increased ICC comfort level

After I took the intercultural communication course, I know how to deal with people from different cultures (cycle two student).


Increased nonverbal ICC competence

The course helped me to understand the facial expressions of people from other cultures and helped me communicate with them (cycle one student).

Summary Analysis of Theme 3

Ÿ Students reported an increased willingness and ability to engage with cultural out-groups positively and non-judgmentally.

Ÿ A number of students noted being offended less often than before.

Ÿ Students were more confident in ICC situations.

Ÿ Students’ own use of nonverbal communication in ICC situations had improved.

Ÿ Students noted that their ability to interpret verbal and nonverbal communication had improved.

Ÿ This willingness stemmed from greater confidence in ICC competence.