Theme 2

Example (direct quotations)

Post-intervention: Improved perspective-taking and attitude


Improved perspective-taking (non-judgmentally understanding cultural differences)

I understand now that dealing with people from other cultures is different from dealing with people from the same culture; they think differently and see the world differently (cycle one student).


Improved attitudes

I liked one video about how to say hi in different languages. It made me like to learn about other languages, instead of wishing everyone could speak English (cycle two student).


Enhanced reflectiveness on the concept of culture

I know I have to understand how other people think if I want to communicate well with them (cycle one student)

Summary Analysis of Theme 2

Ÿ Post-intervention students improved their competence in terms of ICC in line with Deardorff (2011) .

Ÿ Students often added the qualifier that the other person should be able to speak English.

Ÿ Students exhibited a more positive attitude toward and respect for other cultures.

Ÿ Students showed a newfound interest in other cultures.

Ÿ Students displayed improved perspective-taking and realized that those from cultural out-groups may have different perceptions.

Ÿ Students recognized that the assumptions of their own culture were not universally held nor valid.

Ÿ Students indicated an improved ability to understand their own ICC competence. According to Deardorff (2011) this ability to reflect is crucial for improving ICC competence.