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As everyone knows, managers and employees in the catering industry, no matter how the scientific management system and work flow, and behavior first determine not totally executed, but must first determine the system and processes is of much benefit to themselves, and then examine decision makers and implementation efforts.

How good is the benefit of the system and the process to yourself first, a1


System validity (a1, a47)

A1 system validity

(aa1, aa12, aa35)

What is the legacy of this management myth, which is regarded as a legend by the outside world? The sea of this phenomenon is the explanation of "mentoring", is the master apprentice, mature one sent to a patient.

Relying on the system of apprenticeship to inherit the classic a11


Apprenticeship training (a11, a17, a27)

A7 training model for apprenticeship

Formula (aa9)

The corporate governance structure is the arrangement of Pyramid Hidilao Hotpot type post, the structure and the star of the Hidilao Hotpot enterprises pay homage to the Qingdao Haier group is very similar. The two enterprises with the head of the sea word have strong executive power, and can it be considered that this kind of corporate governance has played an important role?

The Pyramid type management structure makes the staff executive strong a13


Company structure (a13, a96)

A9 management structure

(aa11, aa58)

Encourage employees to use both hands to change their lives, so that the height, appearance, and academic qualifications are not dominant employees to become intimate and good in cooperation with the first class talent.

Motivate employees to use their hands to change their fate a18


Change the fate (a18, a70)

A11 changes the desire for fate (aa14, aa29, aa45)

The staff of seabed are struggling to change their fate.

Work goals are highly consistent with personal goals, a19

aa15 goal normalization (a19)

A12 personal goals and organizational goals (aa15)

A manager of seabed said that bailing had set up a supervision measure for the employee’s giving behavior at a time. An unusual person would give an investigation to the donated personnel. There must be corruption without the right to supervise.

Regulatory measures for discounts and gifts, a21


Regulatory measures (a21, a56, a57, a93)


Supervision and assessment (aa16, aa50, aa51, aa52)