Other Factors

Ignorance of tourism sustainability approach.

Lack of tourism satellite accounts.

weak tourism infrastructures.

Major deficit of advanced aviation service and international airports.

Insufficiency of National Flag carrier aircrafts, limited air route (zero long-haul) and international easy access for national flag carrier (NA).

Insufficient relief and rescue mechanism in risk and disasters.

Insufficient tourist police and security arrangements for international tourists.

Ignorance the role of Nepalese diaspora to promote Nepalese tourism.

Relaying on cash-based transactions, lack of infrastructures for digital payments for international tourists (especially based on Chinese tourists respond)

Lack of integrated tourist information center (traditional as well as digital)

Inadequate evaluation and monitoring mechanism, policies and rules only beautifully articulate on the paper.

Over politicization towards major tourism development committees and tourism development trust.

Lack of initiatives to attract high value tourists segment.