Market Factors

Rigidness to build of adventurous niche destination, products and services for emerging tourism market.

Ignorance towards advancements of DMO’s and NTO’s website as an effective marketing tool.

Private sectors failures to make alliance and co-operation with international travel giant OTA, TMC, DMC and ride-hailing service providers.

Inadequate promotional and sales mission carried out by NTB and tourism corporate sectors associations.

Inadequate market segmentation, digitalize promotion, and cross-border tourism market cooperation.

Intuitional Factors

Authority ownership illusion between national, provincial and local. Layers of Government’s.

Weak of implementation of Tourism policies and strategic plans.

Reoccurrence of corruption allegation cases especially GoN’s high level aviation leadership and authorities.

Lack of unified solidarity between main stream political parties and influential intuitions towards tourism long term development plans.

Unnecessary taxation and royalty’s imposition by layers of government.

Dysfunctionality of high level tourism council.

Lack of speedy co-ordinations between Tourism ministry (MoCTCA) and other responsive ministries.

Traditional immigration clearance rules and visa issuance systems.

Co-ordination and egoistic problems between major private sector tourism organizations.

Weak management and fund mobilization for reconstruction of collapsed monuments from earthquake 2015.

Unfavorable taxation policies and procedures upon tourism sectors.

Vague federal governments tourism initialization and management.

Policy Factors

Unnecessary lengthy and complicated rules for Tourism FDI. (limited tourism sectors opened for foreign nationals)

Controlled FDI on tourism industry limited on hotel and casino business.

Major deadlock towards periodic evaluation and investigation of strategic plan & policies.

Ignorance of gender gap issues among major tourism policies, directives, acts and rules.

Lack of coherence between changing market need and distribution channel while draft policies.

Insufficient mobilizing strategies towards overseas diplomatic missions for tourism promotion.

Very weak aviation security standard and policies implementation mechanisms that lead to frequent crashes.

Limited and restricted night hour tourism business policies.

Outdated tourism policies for innovativeness and changing world tourism ecosystems

Contradicting and overlapping relation towards tourism ministry’s and sub-ordinate government institutions tourism policies.

Policy gap to deal Unnecessary political party wise labor organizations with in tourism sectors.