Udod, et al. (2017) Impact of Role Stressors on the Health of Nurse Managers


Role stressors, coping strategies and their impact on the health of NMs*

The findings support the application of the Lazarus and Folkman model as a method of understanding the relationships among the NM work environment, their stressful interactions, coping strategies, and perceptions on their health.

Van Bogaert, et al. (2014). Impact of role-, job- and organizational characteristics on Nursing Unit Manager work-related stress and well-being

Stress and well-being

The impact of organization, role and job features on stress perception and well-being among NMs*

A more positive perception of organization, role and job features was associated with a decrease in emotional exhaustion and to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Role conflict and role meaningfulness predicted various outcomes such as emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction…

Warshawsky & Havens (2014) Nurse manager job satisfaction and intent to leave

Job satisfaction and turnover intention

To examine presence and levels of NM* job satisfaction and intent to leave his/her positions.

High level of job satisfaction associated with the intention to stay in their position. Many participants provided a primary reason for intent to leave their position in the next 5 years is related to JS*.

Wong & Laschinger (2015) The influence of frontline manager job strain on burnout, commitment and turnover intention: A cross-sectional study

Effects of Job strain

The effects of frontline manager job strain causing their burnout (emotional exhaustion and cynicism), organizational commitment and turnover intentions.

Emotional exhaustion by means of the relationship between job strain and cynicism and cynicism by means of the relationships between emotional exhaustion and organizational commitment and turnover intention.

A robust positive relationship was identified between job strain and burnout: increased emotional exhaustion followed by increased cynicism.

Zwink et al. 2013 Nurse Manager Perceptions of Role Satisfaction and Retention at an Academic Medical Center

Job satisfaction and turnover

To explore and describe the role of NMs* and to identify opportunities to increase job satisfaction and the balance between job and private life.

Characteristics in relation to the development of work related stress, well-being, and work engagement.

The difficulty of job and private life balance as a risk factor for emotional exhaustion.

Factors associated to burnout are workload issues, work-life imbalance, and difficulty sustaining positive relationships.