Warshawsky & Havens (2014) Nursing Economist


Acute Care Hospitals

291 FLNM*

Caucasian Female

Age = 47 years

9.1 years nursing management experience; 4.9 years in their current role; 51.97% baccalaureate degree in nursing

Age, race, and gender were commensurate to National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses

Cross-sectional, correlational quantitative design

Self-administered electronic survey

Five items ad hoc for job satisfaction and anticipated turnover

Job satisfaction

Anticipated turnover

Wong & Laschinger (2015) International Journal of Nursing Studies


14 Teaching Hospitals

51 FLNM*

92.3% Female

43.4% baccalaureate degree

39% master’s degree

Cross-sectional, correlational quantitative design

Validated tests

Job strain


Organizational commitment

Turnover intention

et al. (2013) Journal of Nursing administration (JONA)

Acute care Hospitals

20 NM*

Cross-sectional, correlational qualitative design

Focus group

Perception NM role

Job characteristics