Collective Learning and Application





19. Teachers work together to seek new knowledge or skills

20. Teachers apply the new knowledge in their work

21. Heads of departments are part of the learning teams in the school

22. Collegial relationships exist among teachers

23. Teachers are committed to school improvement efforts

24. Teachers work together to search for solutions to address diverse learner needs (e.g. different reading abilities)

25. Different meetings (e.g. departmental or grade or subject meetings) exist where teachers can learn from each other

26. Teachers use the different meetings to learn from each other

27. Teachers actively discuss new ideas and problems affecting their school

28. Teachers and parents come together to discuss better ways to solve school problems

29. Teachers and broader community role players (e.g. business) come together to discuss better ways to solve school problems

30. All our staff members attend professional development organized by the Department voluntarily because we want to improve the quality of education

31. Teachers are committed to voluntarily come together and discuss issues that enhance learning

32. Teachers work together to read journals or books to learn about the effective teaching and learning methods

33. Teachers collaboratively analyze learner work to improve teaching and learning


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