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Students should be accountable to the group. They should respect diversity, and support everyone to prosper. They should take responsibility for the community and themselves.

The positive social environment is, first and foremost, about being able to make each other better and respect each other and be themselves.”

Deliberate practice


Goal setting


Students should be able to plan and balance their time, so there is room for friends, training, school and family. They should set goals, make plans for their fulfilment, and carry them out with perseverance.

It is important that you fight for things and not just zap in and out because you just want something else or because

you lose interest.”

Dealing with hardship

Overcoming obstacles

Conflict management


Students should learn to deal with hardship in daily life, as well as conflicts and negative feedback. They should be able to maintain self-control and navigate through difficulties.

Well, I think especially the one about

dealing with hardship. …how do you deal with that, and how do you deal with that during training, when things dont go the way you want them to go.”



Decision making Reflexive

Students should be self-conscious and able to reflect on their actions and personal values. They should find their own way in life, and not blindly follow other people.

We must try to define personal values with the students, and how they can be lived out through their actions





Students should take initiative and be able to engage in activities regardless of what others might think, which entails courage and curiosity.

“ …try new things and throw themselves

into something, even if you get into the red zone, as we call it ... So still try to challenge yourself