Disseminate—Awareness Raise

Spring 2014

Ÿ Identify and build relationships with regional key stakeholders

Ÿ Invite regional key stakeholders to attend an initial planning meeting to raise awareness about the effectiveness of EPE programs and how the PE Academy model supports EPE programs. Ask for their input to inform planning, recruiting, implementation, and evaluation of the SECPEA

Ÿ Invite key stakeholders to serve on the HELM Steering Committee


Spring 2014


Summer 2014

Ÿ Recruit school principals and physical education teachers by raising awareness about EPE and the value added by the PE Academy (i.e., SPARK curricular resources, equipment, professional development workshops, site support from a site coordinator)

Ÿ Review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to define the PE Academy deliverables and convey expectations for engagement

Ÿ Plan logistics related to curricular resources, equipment, workshops, and site visits in the fall

Ÿ Order curricular resources and equipment so schools receive packages prior to the start of the SECPEA intervention


Fall 2014


Spring 2015

Two master teachers…

Ÿ Conduct “Happy Visits” to establish relationships with principals and physical education teachers

Ÿ Help teachers unpack curricular resources and equipment

Ÿ Engage in site support visits to physical education teachers

Ÿ Conduct professional development workshops led by Elite SPARK trainers

Ÿ Meet with principals to advocate for quality PE

Fall 2015


Spring 2016

One master teacher…

Ÿ Engage in site support visits to physical education teachers

Ÿ Professional development workshops (led by Elite SPARK trainer)


Spring 2016


Fall 2017

Ÿ A cadre of wellness training specialists lead booster workshop related to technology and best practices related to high quality physical education

Ÿ Two master teachers from SLVPEA receive SPARK Train the Trainer certification to build capacity for sustainability initiatives