Centralized Generation

Decentralized Generation

Localized Generation

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Although CG system provides uninterrupted power supply, but the attributes of CG are showing the following results:

Ÿ Because of high losses at the system of transmission, electric effectiveness is low.

Ÿ Emissions are high.

DG allows buildings to generate their own permanent electricity. Essential DG features for uninterrupted power generation gives following results:

Ÿ Electric effectiveness is high.

Ÿ Emissions are low.

LG permits pump stations/hospitals or any isolated building to generate their own electricity.

Ÿ High efficiency.

Ÿ Low emission required.

Premium Power

Reliability of power supply is low. There is no assurance of high quality power because power losses are high.

Electricity generation and delivery are more reliable and have higher quality than usual electricity which provided by grid.

Supply of power is reliable as power generation is very close to end user. No chances of losses.


Ÿ Changing cost is high.

Ÿ Maintaining is very costly.

Ÿ Changing costs are low.

Ÿ Maintaining is not costly.

Low charging and maintenance cost.

Peaking Power

Has unstable functioning at different peak levels of power.

Functioning from 50 to 3000 hours every year for decreasing costs of electricity.

Same as decentralized generation.


Have less resiliency but meets high

demand of power.

Are more resilient due to satisfying low demand of power.

Same as DG.


Less sustainable due to power sources.

Are sustainable due to renewable sources of power.

Sustainable as solar panels depend on sunlight.