HR Development: Employee and Labor Relations (ELR)

Risk Management (RM)

HR Managers & Officers

1) ELR is a base for the change process.

“We have clear communication means with employees”

“An open door policy is possible in an academic institution to communicate change to employees effectively”

“ELR aims to establish supporting relations between employees and managers and employees themselves”

1) Having a risk management plan along the strategic plan helps to define, process, measure, and evaluate risk factors accompanying change

“Having defined the risks accompanying change, it is easy to communicate it to employees and consequently control consequences”

HR Media Co.

1) Open communication with employees is fundamental to implement effective change

“Our communication practices are dynamic and consequently we are able to capitalize on our employees’ preparedness to value change”

“ELR role in change strives to ensure communication between management and employees and vice versa.”

1) Risk is always there specially when either external and internal forces stimulate change which requires adequate organizational responses

“We are a proactive company which values any risks accompanying changes with our clients”

HR Professors

1) ELR is a base for the change process

“Communicating the change is essential, therefore well-defined HR to employee relations is of strategic impact”

“Setting up good communications processes and conflict resolution techniques helps to mitigate stress and friction during change process”

1) HR management must ensure lowering the risks that comes with change where their role in this function is to keep employees informed to achieve effective change process practices

“Mitigating risks during and after the implementation of change leads to effectiveness of the change process”

“Work life balance is a part of risk management during the change process.”

HR Consultants & Experts

1) ELR is a base for the change process

“ELR is a base for the change process, because this function is responsible for communicating the change process to employees where if the change is not communicated adequately, it cannot be implemented”

“Well-defined communication channels leads to support conflict resolution techniques”

“ELR makes sure that those changes do not have a negative impact on employees where “they can resist them and form informal groups and lobbies and try to negatively affect the change process.”

1) Many organizations do not take risks seriously due to their unplanned change processes

2) Strategic approach to risk management is highly needed by HR leadership to communicate consequences clearly to employees

“HR role is to mitigate risks during and after the implementation of change”