HR Development: Performance Management

HR Development: Total Rewards

HR Managers & Officers

1) Performance management is an essential part of HR strategy. This view is observed during the last decade

2) Performance gaps mitigation strategies fit change management requirements to guarantee a change in behavior and an improvement of competencies. This is especially important in new universities

“Transparency is essential to attract employees’ engagement”

1) Clear policies for rewarding employees are set.

2) Change cannot succeed without full acceptance from employees, and therefore to encourage that, incentives are planned.

“During our initiation phases requiring many changes, employees were provided with different incentives including tangible and intangible ones”

HR Media Co.

1) Performance management fits the organization’s HR strategy

“Revisiting our performance appraisal applications is necessary to keep up with market requirements”

“We are generous with incentives to keep our employees’ creativity high and to accept changes that are governed by our clients or by our system”

HR Professors

1) The strategic impact of performance management is assessed within a change management direction whereby transparency of its application is a must

“Allowing employees to contribute in the appraisal process will lead to certain measures that will classify employees in order to manage their performance and guide them to enhance their performance among change implementation”

1) Employees look for incentives whenever they are informed that there are changes in their jobs.

2) Employees may be resistant if they are ignored and not appreciated during a change process

“It is extremely important to motivate change agents through financial benefits”

“An organization can give bonuses and allowances to encourage people for adapting or initiating change.”

HR Consultants & Experts

No doubt that many Lebanese organization have to revisit their performance management approaches

“The most important aspect to appraise in the change process is the ability to handle and accept and contribute to change and the productivity that the employee offers during this process”

“An organization surely must set up a rewards system that supports and motivates change”

1) Planning for a clear and fair reward system motivates employees to accept the change

“An organization surely must set up a rewards system that supports and motivates change”

HR Training Co.

Training personnel of Lebanese SMEs HR function related to performance appraisal is a popular request

“Keeping an eye on the quality of production during the phase of performance appraisal taking into account the change process helps institutions to mitigate gaps in competencies”

1) It is a fundamental step to couple a clear reward system to the T&D exercises.

“Our experience is that employees embrace change to how they do things if they are rewarded and informed about the change beforehand”