Workforce Planning

HR Development: Training & Development

HR Managers & Officers

1) Institute systematic and clear recruitment objectives

2) Make selection criteria transparent

3) Build a culture of change

“In strategic planning, HR must capitalize in their workforce plans on the change concept”

“Making the right choice in selecting the worker during a change process will make all the following functions easier, and eventually reducing costs for the organization, where training costs will decrease, performance appraisal will be an easy process and turnover will be reduced”

1) Plan clearly for T&D needed to institute change

2) Following an appraisal system to assure effectiveness of T&D plans and their implementation

“Training and Development exercises are taken very seriously and adequately budgeted”

HR Media Co.

1) Plan for the new competencies leading to innovative ads and promotional campaigns

“At this stage we should look for people matching the change we want to apply in our organization.”

“It is agreed upon that any change process is implemented by humans, where those humans are the core of the change process therefore selecting the right people leads to make change right.”

1) Continuous updating of skills via T&D is our objective

2) Media companies need to revisit their T&D plans as needed (being agile)

“Timeliness of workshops to upgrade our employees’ competencies is an effective approach”

“Human behavior issues are considered in the training for better communication with clients”

HR Professors

1) Change must be supported in the organization’s strategy

2) Plan for employees’ engagement for example using “Management by Objectives”

“On an operational level, recruitment when needed in implementing a certain change must be adaptable with those changes”

“Relying on talented employees during the planning helps in the implementation process not to mention reducing the costs of that change and reducing resistance levels”

1) An open system approach is justified to include the triggers’ impact on T&D

2) Systematic T&D plans including the new competencies needed must be shared with employees

“The modern trend in training and development is conducting module training through workshops”

HR Consultants & Experts

1) Operationalizing planned motivation schemes to boost acceptance of change including job rotation and job enrichment

“HR must base their workforce plans (recruiting, selecting, succession, etc.) on the change concept, where they should get out of the rigid fixed hierarchies and job descriptions, and try to plan based on the flexibility concept”

“Human resources in the change process must recruit and select talents and workers with competences that belong to the same culture of the organization that can lead to a smooth transition in the change process”

“Job rotation while in the change process helps to implement the change in a better way using the experienced workers”

1) Clear job analysis

2) Always suggesting that employees’ continuous development is a must

3) Conducting open discussion with employees about future competency changes and the methods they will be trained in, is a must as well

“HRM sets up training and development activities required to functional change.”

HR Training Co.

1) Emphasizing the human behavior values in the strategy to lower barriers against planned change

“We conduct clear job analysis to offer the rightful competencies to the client”

1) Share clearly objectives of T&D with employees

2) Modify incentives system accompanying T&D

“HR and immediate supervisors of the trainees are invited to discuss openly with trainees the objectives of the training”

“Module training through workshops is an effective method”