Existing tourism product

New tourism product

Existing Tourism Market

1. Market penetration

3. Tourism Products Development

・ Minimizing immigration formalities.

・ Offer especial price

・ Improve border highway.

・ Assurance securities issues.

・ Revitalize quake affected heritage, monuments, and trekking route.

・ Co-operation in promotional campaign.

・ Improve ICT.

・ Improvement on Accommodation, Transportation, Food, Relaxation, recreation Attitudes of local resident’s Overall service quality Shopping, Scenic spots/areas Tour guides’ service.

・ Actively participate Chinese travel mart (CITM, GITF, ITE, WTFS, UTE, BITE, COTTOM etc.)

・ Operate regional international airport and direct economy flight to different cities in China.

・ Calling for international tourism conference

・ Improve and widen Kathmandu-kodari, Araniko Highway

・ Maintain bilateral diplomatic and political adequate relation with PRC.

・ Encourage volunteer tourists.

Strengthening information available to tourists and tour operators on service quality would also make a difference.

・ Gratis visa fee for Chinese tourists.

・ Organize government tourism institution & travel agent’s incentives interaction program.

・ Give incentive for loyal tourists.

・ To build new Hotel, restaurants, shopping mall, Disneyland, parks and zoo.

・ Give concessions on mountain climb royalties.

・ Loosen for business registration for Chinese investors.

・ Increase educational and personnel exchange.

・ Operate other border land route from existing

・ Explorative Nepal’s western region based tourist destination package.

・ New cultural-ethnical homestay.

・ New adventurous outdoor game.

・ Various festival based product

・ Encourage personal selling.

・ Establish more economic port between frontiers.

Introduced feminist tour package targeting Chinese female visitors.

New Tourism Markets

2. Market Development

4. Tourism Product diversification

・ To establish media interaction, seminar and workshop in additional cites.

・ Increments on sales mission Chinese major and medium size cities.

・ Establish information center in various Chinese cities.

・ Encourage and invite famous Chinese star, high level leader, celebrities.

・ Establish PR companies in tourists generating region.

・ Promotional advertise campaign in Chinese mainstream TV, Newspaper, Travel magazine,

・ To establish sister city ties with various Chinese cities.

・ Co-operation with Chinese giant travel agencies, whole-sellers, and retailer entire potential tourist generating regions.

・ Find the possibilities of co-operation with interested different countries diplomatic mission in China.

・ make a ties and acknowledge among giant Chinese business enterprises.

・ Operate direct roadways transportation from Lhasa-Kathmandu.

・ Operate NRA economy flight from Lhasa-KTM air route.

・ Advertisement campaign along Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Macau, Thailand, Singapore’s tourist’s destination.

・ Permitting Chinese agencies franchise in Nepal.

Negotiation with Chinese banking online system, alipay, c-trip, elong, mango and Tuniu etc.

・ Introduce new adventurous tourist product.

・ Make new trail made tour package.

・ Make high standard tourist package for wealthy tourists.

・ To create New multinational tourist circuit (Nepal-Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet)

・ Take especial Buddhist Pilgrim package (especial Lumbini)

・ Especial care package for senior tourists.

・ Create honeymoon and marriage adventurous Mt. Everest packages.

・ Chinese tourist friendly mobile app and game develop.

・ Green /eco friendly package.

・ Develop common tour package along TAR and Nepal.

・ Develop cultural musical, academic research, filming mass cinemas, charitable package.

・ Trans Himalayans exploring. package

・ Encourage international chain restaurants, musical- brand etc.

・ Integrate package of multi diversify Nepalese touristic product portfolios.

・ Developed niche market products.

Emphasize feminists tourist products.