Evolution stages

Stage characteristics

Main representative documents

Value co-creation stage: the rise of research on prosumption value and its subsequent progress

Customer value co-creation: Non-internet enterprises are using the “prosumer” concept, to subvert the traditional concept that value is created by the enterprise independently, emphasize the innovation from its business model and organization model. These enterprises subcontract certain tasks of the value chain to the customers to undertake corresponding value creation activities

Prahalad (2004), Vargo (2004), Chu (2011), Yi (2013), Cao (2013), Zhang (2013)

Prosumption value co-creation: Customers are incorporated into the main body of value co-creation, the main ways of value co-creation as co-creations between enterprises, co-creations between enterprise and customer, co-creations between customers, emphasize whether the prosumption behaviors between customers could affect each other, and finally focus on customers’ acquisition of better consumption value experience.

Yadav & Pavlou (2014), Shen (2016)

Content rich stage: analysis of prosumer behavior based on Internet new media practice

The rise of the concept of prosumption: Prosumption is a compound word of producer and consumer, which was put forward by Toffler in 1984. Ritzer put forward the integration model of production and consumption, Shen put forward that productive consumption of information is the key of the prosumer activities in the context of Internet information.

Toffler (1984), Ritzer (2010), Shen (2013)

User Generated Content: Internet technology has entered the WEB2.0 era, pay more attention to the interaction with the users, that is to build an

environment for users to participate in creation, communication and sharing. Users are both consumers and producers in the content of the website.

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Multi-approaches: analysis of prosumer behavior based on Internet new media practice

Artificial Intelligence: With the progress of technology, the prosumers are not only natural persons, the emergence of intelligent prosumption machines are once again triggering a research boom

Zwick (2008), Recuber (2012), Siuda(2012), Osenthal (2014)

Business Model: Describes the delivering mode of Internet enterprise value. Consumer research has entered the business model and practice related to Internet companies

Trusov (2009), Henry (2010), Li (2016)

Prosumption Society: The research field extends from the micro level to the macro social level, focusing on the research of the prosumer and the prosumption society

Ritzer (2010), Ritzer (2013)

Sharing Economy: The prosumption behavior is the root cause of the economic and social subver sion, and the prosumer is closely related to the rise of the sharing economy

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Internet of Things: The research of prosumption extends to the field of automation and self-organization of intelligent devices, and discusses the construction of the Internet of things which are interrelated and run together

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Brand Value: the research field extends from the micro level to the middle enterprise level, focusing on the customer prosumer and enterprise value.

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