Japanese Calendar


Healthcare provider

Activities of Healthcare Providers

Bunsei 5th-Meiji 21st


Dr. Jyusaku Hirako

Died at 66.

1850 (Kaei 3rd) Implementation of vaccinations against smallpox

1871 (Meiji 4th) Established the vaccination institution against smallpox (Masumi, Toki-cho, Mizunami city)

Practice medicine (Chinese medicine), Opening of terakoya-education

Bunsei 7th-Meiji 7th


Dr. Gendo Yamada

Died at 50.

Kaei era (1843-1853) Implementation of vaccinations against smallpox

1872 (Meiji 5th): as vaccination doctor at the vaccination institution against smallpox (Nakanoho village, Ena city)

Meiji 5th-Showa 7th


Dr. Hoju Watarai

Died at 60.

Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine

Served as a military doctor during the Russo-Japanese War

Practice medicine in Kamado village (Mizunami city) in 1884

1911 (Meiji 44th) Practice medicine (Kamado Villege, Mizunami city)

Contributed to the development of Ryugin Falls (Kamado village)

Meiji 6th- Showa 36th


Dr. Tsunejiro Kumagai

Died at 88.

Surgeon (burn) doctor

1891 (Meiji 24th) Apprentice at a doctor’s house in Yokohama

1898 (Meiji 31st) Passed the first half of the doctor’s practice exam

1899 (Meiji 32nd) Passed the latter term examination and worked at Juntendo


1900 (Meiji 33th) Enrolled as a medical selection student at Tokyo Imperial University, opened Kumagaya Hospital in Izumi village (Toki city)

1936 (Showa 11th) Mayor Izumi

1937 (Shouwa 12th) Gifu Prefectural Assembly member (serves as the mayor)

Meiji 12th-

Syouwa 34th



Tei Oishi

Died at 80.

1903 (Meiji 36th) Entered Gifu prefecture midwifery/nurse training center, graduated the following year

Worked as a nurse at Kanazawa Preparatory Hospital during the Russo-Japanese War

1905 (Meiji 38th) Opening of midwifery business (Mizunami village)

Delivery assistance of 400 babies a year as a Midwife for about 50 years after the Russo-Japanese War

1942 (Showa 17th) Awarded a letter of appreciation by the Gifu branch manager of the Patriotic Women’s Association

After the war, teaching mothers’ classes, activity in the housekeepers’ association

Meiji 15th-Syowa 24th


Dr. Hanichiro Kato

Died at 67.

Graduated from Chiba Medical College

Serving in the Russo-Japanese War for two years

1904 (Meiji 37th) Practicing medicine at home after (Yamada village, Mizunami city)

1908 (Meiji 41th) Opened Mizunami Hospital, the largest hospital in the Tono region from the Taisho era to the Showa era (Terakawadocho, Mizunami city)

1928 (Showa 3rd) Introduction of deep X-ray irradiation device for the treatment of cancer and erysipelas

1935 (Showa 10th) Commissioned to manage the union hospital, Yoto Hospital

His grandson, Harufumi, was a professor and deputy director of Tokyo Medical University.

Meiji 30th-Showa 42nd


Dentist Yutaro Mizuno

Died at 70.

1918 (Taisyo 7th) Graduated from Nagoya Dental School and opened in Kamado village (Mizunami city)

Meiji 31st-Heisei 1st


Midwife Katsu Watanabe

Died at 91.

Worked at the Watarai Gynecology Hospital in Kamado village (Mizunami city)

1924 (Taisyo 13th) Opening midwifery business independently