Meaning unit




Well, what should I say… it’s all good… because it is good to get out of the house and meet others… it feels good

It’s good to get out of the house and meet others

To have social connections


If I can share what I have felt and hear others share their feelings then it feels much, much better

It feels better to share feelings with others

To have support

But this group is invaluable, you get different perspectives, that every case is so different, it’s amazing!

The group is invaluable because it provides different perspectives

To take part in a support group


I mean now I can distinguish between the person and effects of the condition, that nature can put you through this

Now I am able to make a distinction between person and the condition

To understand dementia

But that’s why it’s so important with dementia that you get support and help early on how to manage

It’s important to get support and help

To feel support from others


Yeah, I know it can only go one way but some seem to do damn well, they told me, and they come to have coffee and just take their car and go…

You know it will be worse but some do ok, driving them here and so on.

To normalise dementia