Main themes


1) Interpersonal relationships were viewed as an important part of the caring process.

Positive and negative experiences by elderly and caregivers concerning the following:

・ Perseverance, patience and respect were viewed by participants as positive characteristics of interpersonal relationships, while stressful behaviour e.g. poor temperament and confusion were regarded as negative behaviour.

・ Communication and languages are important aspects of quality caring, for example: shyness, disrespect and aggression were all viewed as negative.

2) The activities involved in basic physical care were viewed as important support for the caring process.

Positive and negative experiences concerning physical care included issues such as

・ Personal hygiene.

・ Wound care.

・ Taking medication.

・ Exercise.

・ Adequate nutrition.

3) A support system in a conducive environment is needed for the caring process.

The elderly and the caregivers needed management and family support if the caring process is to be executed optimally.

・ Managerial.

・ Equipment.

・ Transport.

・ In-service education.

・ Career structure.

・ Staff shortage.

・ Family support.