Marital Status

Gender and Having children

Married couple (without children)/2 HH

Married couple (with small children_under 18 years of age)/5 HH

Married couple (with adult children_aged 18 and older)/2 HH

Married couple (with independent children)/2HH

Single women (without children) /4 HH

Single women (with small children_under 18 years of age)/1 HH

Single women (with adult children_aged 18 and older)/1 HH

Single women (with independent children)/1 HH

Single men (without children)/4 HH

Income level

Middle/9 HH Members

Upper-Middle/14 HH Members

Upper/10 HH Members


Security level

3rd degree/13 GCs/22 HH Members

2nd degree/4 GCs/5 HH Members

1st degree/3 GCs/6 HH Members

Housing type

Villa/2 GCs/3 HH Members

Apartment/15 GCs/26 HH Members

Gated Tower (Rezidans)/3 GCs/4 HH Members