Technical Manual Category

Technical Manual Component

Cycle III Evaluation Plan


Develop use cases

Iteratively and collaboratively develop use casesa

Identify data needs

Collaboratively engage each development team

Articulate APCD goals

Develop logic models for each stakeholder groupa

Develop logic model for entire APCD projecta

Identify and engage stakeholders

Regularly engage stakeholders

Clarify expectations

Establish a shared commitment


Receive authorizing legislation

Determine whether an IRB or exemption is necessarya

Describe data collection and release rules

Use and track best practices in Healthcare Privacy and Security

Participate with governing board

Meet regularly with Steering Committee

Meet with governing stakeholders individually


Clarify funding and budget

Participate in grant application developmenta

Technical Build

Evaluate that data releases and stages support use cases

Iteratively evaluate staged data release with stakeholders

Gather and track needed data elements as they support the use cases

Describe core data elements and format

Develop selection criteria matrix for technical design

Use quality assurance

Use and track best practices in data quality

Use continuous quality improvement

Develop data submission manuals

Gather and track submission manuals to improve quality control

Analysis and Applications Development

Gather and develop data policy principles

Use and track best practices in state-regulated software development life cycles

Utilize a technical advisory group

Regularly meet with technical teams and leaders

Use and track best practices in large-scale Health IT implementation

Describe data use and release

Gather and track data release documentation

Feedback Loops and Continuous Engagement

Foster inclusiveness of all groups

Ensure open communication

Engage stakeholder groups individually

Utilize transparent and open process

Make evaluation plans and materials available to stakeholders

Manage stakeholder expectations

Provide methods for anonymous feedbacka

Iteratively and collaboratively refine logic modelsa

Continuously evaluate if project is on course

Regularly interview project management

Regularly review and refine evaluation plan