Dynamic perspectives

Theory bases

Core ideas


Organizational learning

Learning theory;

Absorptive capacity theory

The existence of knowledge barriers allow the organization to delay the adoption of IT innovations until the organization has acquired sufficient skills through continuous learning to implement and operate the technology successfully.

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Social contagion

Institutional theory;

Neo-institutional theory;

Learning theory

The prior IT innovation adopters are the “carriers” of contagious influence, the more of their number, the stronger the infectious of innovation.

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Management fashion

Speech community theory;

Institutional theory

Community members participate in the discussion of innovation with their own motives, so that the community is full of speeches about the IT innovation and form a fashion trend.

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Organizing vision

Speech community theory;

Learning theory

Organizing visions go beyond mere fashion statements to synthesize and carry community wisdom that may draw from or support real learning.

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Computerization movement

Social movement theory;

Rhetorical theory

IT innovation diffusion is the product of social movements, the technology behavior structure and the participants ideology can represent by the competitive discourses, promote the development of movements.

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