Technique used


1. Hu et al. [12]

SVM, decision tree, bagging and boosting.

To analyze micro array data.

2. Huang et al. [13]

Hybrid SVM based diagnosis model

For breast cancer.

3. Khan et al. [14]

Decision tree

For breast cancer.

4. Chang et al. [15]

Integrated Decision tree model.

For skin diseases in adults and children.

5. Curiac et al. [16]

Bayesian method

For psychiatric disease.

6. Moon et al. [17]

Decision tree algorithm

To characterize the smoking behaviour among smokers by assessing their psychological health conditions and consumption of alcohol.

7. Chien et al. [18]

Hybrid decision tree classifier.

For chronic disease.

8. Shouman et al. [19]

K-NN classifier.

For heart disease.

9. Liu et al. [20]

Fuzzy-NN classifier.

For thyroid disease.

10. Er et al. [21]

Artificial Neural network

For chest disease.