Supplier Selection criteria

Wind et al. (1968) [46]

Quality/price ratio, Delivery, Technical ability, Information and market services,

Reputation, Location, Technical innovativeness, Previous contact with buyer, Reciprocity, Personal benefits received by the buyer

Lehmann & O’Shaughnessy

(1974) [47]

Delivery, Price, Flexibility, Reputation, Technical specifications, Past experience,

Sales service, Maintenance, Financing, Ease of use, Reliability, Technical service,

Preference of users, Confidence in salesmen, convenience in ordering, Training

Offered , Training required

Perreault & Russ (1976) [48]

Product quality, distribution service, price, supplier management, Distance to supplier,

Required order size, Minority/small business, reciprocity

Abratt (1986) [49]

Technical service, product reliability, after-sales support, reputation, ease of maintenance, ease of operation, price, confidence in salesperson, product flexibility

Billesbach (1991) [50]

Delivery, quality, price, response flexibility, technical support, JIT capability

Choi & Hartley (1996) [51]

Financial conditions, profitability of supplier, financial records disclosure, performance awards, conformance awards, conformance quality, consistent delivery, quality philosophy, prompt response, long-term relationship, relationship closeness, communication openness, reputation for integrity, product volume changes, short set-up time, short delivery lead time, conflict resolution, design capability, after-sales support, sales rep’s competence, incremental improvement, product reliability, low initial price

Verma & Puliman (1998) [52]

Unit cost of components/raw, materials, quality of components/raw, delivery lead-time, flexibility in changing the order

Yahya & Kingsman (1999) [53]

Delivery, quality, facility, technical capability, management, financial position, past Performance, attitude, communication system, responsiveness, desire for business

Petroni (2000) [54]

Price, quality, delivery compliance, technological capability, management capability, production facilities and capacity

De Boer & Van der Wegen (2003) [55]

Complexity-fit, cost/benefit

Cheraghi et al. (2004) [56]

Quality, delivery, price, repair service, technical capabilities, production facilities and capability, financial position, management and organization, flexibility, reliability, attitude, communication system, performance history, geographical location, consistently, long term relationship, procedural compliance, impression, reciprocal arrangement, process improvement, product development, Inventory cost, JIT, quality standards, integrity, research, cultural, reputation and position in industry, labour relation report, operating control, packaging ability, training aids, desire for business, amount of past business, warranties and claims policy

Bei et al. (2006) [45]

Price, quality, service, technological capability, management capability, reputation