Algorithm 1. Energy Aware Routing Protocol

Notations: d: distance between transmitting and receiving node

n: costant

Emin: minimize energy of receiving node

Eamp: Amplifier energy

Eelec: Electronics energy

ETX: energy consumption of transmitter

ERX: energy consumption of receiver

Er: relative residual energy value

l: packet size

i: number of sensing node() ETR: transmitting and receiving energy

ER: relative residual energy value of all nodes

Tnek: network lifetime

Ti: network lifetime of node i

1. Input: i Output: ER, Ti

2. Sort neighbor nodes by residual energy, select the first node in the sorted list has the highest residual energy

3. n = 2



6. 7. do 8. Select Er 9. Estimate for the node 10. Calculate sensing energy only for the node satisfying, and update

11. Select largest residual energy neighbor node as next hop

12. Output Ti

13. Increase Er by one

14. While (residual energy < Er)