1. Initialization of queues (△Cq: Critical Queue, △Nq: Normal Queue)

2. Initialization of traffic (T: Traffic, Tp: priority-based traffic & Tn: Normal traffic)

3. Initialization of parameters (Td: Delaytime, Pt: Propagation time,: Transmission time of data into medium, De: End-to-end delay, Tpt: Processing time of Tp at each node, H: Number of hops & Oh: Overhead of each hop

4. While node “K” send “T” to node “K1” at cluster “L”

5. If T = Tp then

6. Node K1, putting Tp into △Cq

7. Else if T = Tn then

8. Node K1, putting Tn into △Nq

9. End if

10. End if

11. Examining delay time “Td” for △Cq

12. Do // Transmitting data from source to destination

13. If, then

14. Calculate // End-to-End delay for priority-based traffic

15. Else if, then

16. Calculate //: Additional delay for normal queue &: Additional processing time at each node; End-to-End delay for normal traffic

17. End if

18. End if

19. End while