Implementation Date





Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

The government has imposed a ban on the sale of microbeads containing shower gels, toothpaste and scrubs since July 1, 2018. Furthermore, the production of microbeads containing the listed items is banned six months before the sales ban. The ban list also includes all-natural and non-prescription drugs that contain microplastics.

United Kingdom

Oct. 2017

Newly proposed legislation

Prohibits the sale and manufacture of all those cosmetics and personal care products that contain microplastics and materials hazardous to the marine environment [187] .


17-Jul/Jan. 2018

Microbeads free water act of 2015

Prohibits the manufacture and interstate commerce of all those cosmetic products that intentionally added plastic particles > 5 mm in diameter. Manufacture ban on microbeads containing cosmetic products since July 2017 and a sales ban since January 2018. (Microbeads Free Waters Act of 2015).


Jan. 2018

Newly proposed legislation

The sale of cosmetic products containing microplastics and cotton buds having plastic stems is banned in France.

New Zealand


Changes to the Waste Minimization At of 2008

The manufacture and sale of microplastic containing personal care products is banned and a penalty will be imposed on any entity found to be involved in a breach of the ban. (Waste Minimization Act of 2008).

China, Taiwan

Jan. 2018

Newly proposed legislation

Ban on the import and manufacture of microbead containing rinse-off cosmetics; a ban of sale of such products was put into place in July 2018.

South Korea

17-Jul/July 2018

Regulation on safety Standards of Cosmetics

Ban on the manufacture of microplastic containing personal care products from July 2017 and a ban of sale from July 2018 [188] .



Proposed by the Swedish Chemical Agency

Ban on the manufacture, import and sale of microbeads in rinse-off cosmetics.