Expert A

The satisfaction with booking hotels on the effectiveness dimension better to be satisfied with the booking process.

Clear and consist navigation should be changed to directive and consist navigation.

Satisfaction with menus is better to be labeled as satisfaction with menu and option.

Clear map direction should be removed on list of metrics because is similar to ease to use output and satisfaction with page layout (color, style) it should be removed also because it is identical to using similar color theming in the consistency criteria.

Rephrase Satisfaction with help during errors to Satisfaction with error messages.

Expert B

The “No” indicates unwanted and redundant metrics. There are many redundant metrics being repeated in various dimensions. Kindly recheck and compare the metrics needs on the study to avoid redundant metrics in the usability evaluation.

You should remove clear map direction and map downloading because Map is normally don’t download in the application that is linked with another application totally.

Time to failure an attempt on Fault tolerance criteria is not clear should be removed also because is unsuitable metric.

Time to repair should be removed because is redundant with Number to attempt to rectify errors.

Expert C

I am satisfied with the general thumb rules of these metrics in order for the applications to operate at a optimum level.

Your proposed study is very interesting. All these metrics are very important to consider for evaluation of mobile tourism applications.

Expert D

I am satisfied with all the metrics and how they presented the purpose of the study.

Expert E

Exiting metric on “Satisfaction with booking hotel you should change another term is more appropriate such as “Satisfaction with on tourism experience”.

Please check in grammar and proper use of term to accurately represent metrics.