ID: Requirement

Requirement Description

Module1: User Accounts

FR001: Create Account

This app must allow user to create account. User must be able to register for the application by creating an account using a name, valid phone number, username and password.

The username must be alphanumeric and must not be already used by another user.

The password shall be any characters including numbers and special characters, with a minimum length of six characters. The user’s username shall be the unique identifier of his/her account on the application.

FR002: Login

User must be able to login to the application using created username and password.

A login interface appears when a user touches the login link or attempts to open a function that requires login.

Errors will be displayed if any of the option is left blank, or either of the supplied username/password do not match or do not exist in the system.

If the username and password matches, the application shall give permissions to use more features of the system such as sending message to live chat, discussion forum, setting reminders.

FR003: Show online users

User may be able to see healthcare professionals who are online.

FR004: Update Profile

User must be able to update his/her profile by updating some particulars such as password and mobile number.