§ Robots are being used for their ability to share the workload, provide entertainment at facilities for isolated COVID-19 patients, and generate awareness regarding COVID-19 signs.

§ Implementing several risk-management tools and techniques

§ Use of AI-enabled robots to reduce the spread of Coronavirus among nurses and doctors

§ Integration of robust internal mechanism systems to categorize patients into infectious, semi-infectious and non-infectious categories

§ Use of Clinical Risk Management (CRM) process to identify and mitigate unknown risks


§ Lack of knowledge and training programs for the employees

§ HSBC’s weakness would be the prolonged duration taken to implement the technology

§ Lack of more permanent and comprehensive health infrastructure that sustains technology integration

§ Limited focus on anticipating unknown risks

§ Some technologies useful for fighting COVID-19 are not applied by the organization, such as blockchain.


§ Organizations such as Dubai Silicon Oasis and HSBC have chosen robotics as the way to ensure their employees’ safety, smooth working conditions, and uninterrupted operations.

§ Rapid advancements of medical technologies would aid in managing the effects of unknown risks.


§ Economic instability due to COVID-19

§ High pressure on the authorities to maintain heightened levels of surveillance with the increasing use of technologies

§ Breakdown in the system’s technologies leads to ineffectiveness of the smart field hospital.