RFID Applications

- RFID tags inside each book

- Gate keeps track of RFID materials passing for security check, alarm or signal light will be triggered when patron passing through the gate without check-out the items

- Counts the number of visitors to view library traffic

- Configure settings and view statistics remotely

- Customizable graphic panels to match the library theme and style

Smart Bookshelf

- Returned items available immediately

- Automatically detects on-shelve books which can help to eliminate queues with a dedicated returns area

- Security is set and LMS is automatically updated, items are ready for circulation immediately

- Updates system records immediately and ease for stock take

24-hour Self-Service Library

- Extends the coverage and accessibility of the library service so that library can offer patron a self-service experience of locations and times more convenient to them.

- Automatically distributes reserved books into dedicated smart shelf holes

- Real time tracking and monitoring

- On shelve book browsing through touch screen monitor or apps

- Generates alerts in the case something has been misplaced

- Integrated with RFID, patrons can easily return multiple items at one time

- LMS automatically updates once item is collected or returned

- Monitor abnormal user behavior e.g. patron has picked up overdue items, report for missing items/damaged items or hardware problems

- Custom graphic wraps extend the library branding

Smart Locker

- Designed for RFID tagged items, providing the borrow or return items and integrated with LMS

- It allows using library card or ID card to login the locker, and it will show the items inside the particular locker on the screen

- Items which is remove from the locker or put into the locker will be detected and check-out/check-in to LMS

- Patron can borrow or return items at anytime and anywhere

- Flexible and highly customized with any dimensions to fit the location and environment

- Patron can also use the app to reserve the item and collect them from the locker

Robot (Stock take)

- Automatic moving robot to facilitate navigation by building a map, set its location and navigate to the target location and doing stock take

- Will be equipped with touch screens and voice recognition system

- Can support both HF or UHF RFID tag

- It can identify the lost books and check the wrong place-books then generate reports for librarians to take further action

- Automatic provides stock count report

Book Drop and Sorting Unit

- 24-hour book drop

- Sort books into their designated categories

- Patron accounts are updated and all returned books will be armed immediately

- Dedicated sort patterns allow for quicker material processing

- Improves library efficiency with books sorted and shelfed accordingly

- Delivering efficient workflows that keep the circulation moving and allow the librarians to focus on more meaningful tasks

Room & Equipment Booking System

- On-line booking of library facilities such as function rooms and multimedia equipment

- Integrated with access control to authenticate users

- Smart display, it displays user name and booking details on tag for function room booking and study corner

- Support synchronize among your phone, tablet and computer in real time

- Pre-booking with selection of the multimedia equipment

- Ready scene settings and door access based on booking arrangement

- Provides comprehensive reports that shows facilities usage, income and for further analysis

- Customization of themes and details

- Rules based control

- Support for QR code, RFID and smart card technology for access control