Indicators category






Business environment

1) Development status and changing trends of macro-economic aspects related to the business of the company

2) The development status and trend of the external operating environment related to the company’s business

Company status

3) The company’s industry status or regional market position

Development strategy

4) The company’s development direction, development planning, competitive strategy and management policy, etc.

5) The main advantages of the company

6) Difficulties with the company

7) Enterprise culture construction

Prospect forecast

8) The impact of strategy on current performance

9) The impact of strategy on future performance

10) The continuity and stability of the company’s operation and profitability

Risk tip

11) Reveal to the company's future development strategy and business objectives of an adverse effect on the implementation of all risk factors (including macro policy risk, market or business management risk, financial risk, technology risk, etc.)

Business plan

12) The listed company will introduce the countermeasures and measures that have been (or proposed) according to the actual situation. The countermeasures and measures should be specific and operable

Financial information index

The main business

13) Market changes in major businesses (for reasons of change)

Operating cost

14) Changes in the composition of operating costs (for reasons of change)

Production and marketing situation

15) Market share status (to explain the reasons for change)

Intangible assets

Intangible assets

16) Unrecognized intangible asset information that is of vital importance to the company’s success

Financial forecasting


17) Profit forecast for the New Year

18) Capital expenditure forecast

19) Sales or turnover forecasts

20) Forecast of cash flow

Non-financial information index

Equipment use

21) The utilization of fixed assets (equipment) of the company

Employee information

22) Employee information: including employee’ health and safety, raining employees, employee performance assessment, placement of unemployed employees, other benefits and other information of employees

Product development

23) Research and development of new products or new technologies

Corporate governance

24) Self-evaluation report of internal control

The social responsibility

25) To perform the social responsibility, including in the public mind setting up enterprise good image information, such as the scope of expanding employment, maintenance worker rights and interests and to participate in social activities such as social responsibility

Environmental protection

26) Environmental protection and related information of sewage charges, green fees and flood fund fees