Industry categories

Industrial property

Industrial subcategories

High industrial relevance Industry

Intermediate of production

Trade brokers and agents, machinery equipment rental

High-impact and open industry

Production support

Transportation agency services, other service delivery concerns (logistics), telecommunications, Internet information services, computer system services, data processing and other computer services, public software services, other software, services, consulting and investigations, the advertising industry, medical research and experimental development, other technology services, nature conservation, environmental governance

Large-scale, high-impact industries

Commercial and residential service

Life insurance, property management, business management services, other business services (MICE), e-commerce, other real estate activities

High knowledge, high-tech industry

Scientific and professional Technical

Natural science research and experimental development, engineering and technology research and experimental development, agriculture, scientific research and experimental development, social and human science research and experimental development, seismic services, marine services, surveying and mapping services, technical testing, environmental monitoring, engineering and planning management other professional and technical services, technology intermediary services, mineral geological exploration, radio, film, literary and artistic creation and performance, based on geological prospecting, geological exploration technology services

Open, high-impact industries

Business services

Non-life insurance, insurance ancillary services, legal services, intellectual property services, travel agencies, audiovisual production

High-tech, high aggregation industry

Cultural Industries

Radio and television transmission services, satellite transmission services, meteorological services, technical extension services, journalism, publishing, television, art of other cultures, arts and culture brokerage

High knowledge, high value-added industries

Management of financial

Other banks, stock management, finance companies

High quality of employee, open industry

Finance and real estate

Commercial banking, brokerage and trading, securities investment, securities analysis and consultation, financial trust and management, financial leasing, financial activities not elsewhere classified, real estate development and management