Industries included


Trade brokers and agents, machinery equipment leasing


Transportation agency services, the other posting and delivery services, telecommunications, Internet information services, computer system services, data processing and other computer services, public software services, the other software services, consulting and investigation, the advertising industry, medical research and experimental development, other science and technology services, nature conservation, environmental governance


Finance Company


Life insurance, property management, enterprise management services, other commercial services


Natural science research and experimental development, engineering and technology research and experimental development, research of agricultural science and experimental development, social humanity research and experimental development, earthquake services, marine services, surveying and mapping services, technical detection, environmental monitoring, engineering technology and planning management, other professional technique services, science and technology services, mineral geological exploration, broadcast, film, literary and artistic creation and performance, journalism, basic geological exploration, geological exploration technology services, radio and television transmission services, other real estate activities, non-life insurance, insurance auxiliary services, legal services, intellectual property services, travel agency, audiovisual production


Satellite transmission service, meteorological service, technology extension service, publishing, television, the other culture and arts, arts and culture brokerage


Commercial bank


Other banks, securities market management


Securities brokerage and trading, securities investment, securities analysis and consultation, financial trust and management, financial leasing, financial activities not classified, real estate development