First grade indicators

Second grade indicators

Third grade indicators

Calculation Method

Development level

Industry scale

Number of employees

Number of employees

Essential attributes

Informatization level

The per capita amount of computer

Capita amount of computer/Number of employees number of employees

Technology and knowledge-intensity

The proportion of college staff

Number of college staff/Number of employees

The proportion of intermediate above title

Number of intermediate above title/Number of employees

The proportion of senior workers and above

Number of senior workers and above/Number of employees



Annual operating revenue/Number of employees

Input and output efficiency

Annual operating profit/Annual operating cost

Market structure

Herschman-Herfindahl index

Development attributes

The average staff size

Number of employees/Number of enterprises

The proportion of non-public enterprises

Number of non-public enterprises/ Number of enterprises

The proportion of foreign-funded enterprises

Number of foreign-funded enterprises/Number of enterprises

Industrial relevancy

Induction coefficient

Influence coefficient