Occupation/medical treatment

Radiation dose (mSv)

1 day of natural background radiation

0.01 mSv

Chest X-Ray

0.1 mSv


0.7 mSv

Pregnant aircrew maximum during pregnancy

1 mSv

Average human exposure per year

3 mSv

Aircrew per year

6 mSv

Body CT Scan

10 mSv

Radiation technician per year

50 mSv

Aircrew maximum exposure per year

50 mSv

Human maximum accumulated over a lifetime

100 mSv

Astronaut living on the International Space Station (6 month exposure)

100 mSv

Radiotherapy (head & neck, breast)

500 mSv (50 Gy)

Astronaut journey to Mars (6 month exposure)

1000 mSv

Acute Radiation Syndrome (fatal ARS exposure)

1000 - 2000 mSv