Recent findings on Gut-skin and Skin-lung relationships


Gut-lung relationship

The degree of diversity in gut microbiota at birth negatively correlated the tendency to develop to asthma in children in human


The disturbance of gut microbiota in mice at 3 weeks of age was found to increase the occurrence of allergic airway inflammation in adult mice


The transplantation of fecal microbiota can protect against the pneumonia in microbiota-depleted mice


The metabolism of dietary fiber afforded by gut microbiota can influence the extent of allergic inflammation in the airway in mice


Lung-skin relationship

The number and/or diversity of gut microbiota at birth is likely to be positively associated with the pathogenesis of skin eczema in human

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About 1% - 2% patients with lung cancer may develop skin metastases


Elderly women with certain matrix metalloproteinase promotor variants demonstrated a higher susceptibility to skin wrinkling and lung dysfunctions


About 50% infants who had acute severe bronchiolitis developed dry skin or eczema within 12 months thereafter