Measurement OF EACH FACTOR


Tsao, W. C., & Hsieh, M. T. (2012) .

1) Delighted to have picked the product

2) Have a favorable opinion of this product

3) My shopping experiences at this virtual

store have always been pleasant

4) Wish more products were like this one


Tsao, W. C., & Hsieh, M. T. (2012) .

1) This product meets with my real needs

2) The quality of this product is

3) This product is honestly offered


Jafari, Karimi, Forouzandeh, & Safahani (2015) .

1) I am willing to put a great deal of effort, by beyond what is expected to help the success of this brand

2) I am proud to tell others that are a great brand to be part of

3) It will take very little to cause me to leave this brand


Tsao, W. C., & Hsieh, M. T. (2012) .

1) I am willing to let other Internet users

know that I am a customer of this


2) I am willing to provide more positive

online information about this product

available to other Internet users

3) I am willing to positively discuss this

product with other people on the Internet

4) I am willing to share positive information

about this product with others on the internet