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Impulse buying is kind of buying happened without encompassing more evaluation of different stands like affordability, need or price.

While I surfing online, I buy new items right away

(Koski, 2012)

I feel a sense of excitement when I make an online impulse buying

(KIM, 2003)

I involve in impulse buying regularly

(Koski, 2012)


Advertising is an effective tool to catch people attention and to convert their behavior positively toward items. Advertisement convinces consumers to use product at least once in their lives (Malik et al., 2013)

When I visit website based on internet advertisement (e.g. Banner ads) that make me do an impulse buying

(Koski, 2012)

Visiting a website based on an email advertising make me involve in an impulse buying

I often surf the Internet looking for an attracted advertisement to do impulse buying


Experience spontaneous and sudden push to execute buying and behave on these felt urges which leads to make impulse buying with little conscious of consequence

It is fun to buy things spontaneously

(Koski, 2012)

I don’t plan most of my buying

I have difficulty controlling my urge to do impulse buying when I see a good offer

(KIM, 2003)


Group of different motivational tools, is originated to trigger customers to involve in impulse buying and buy such a good impulsively

Promotion with free gift attract me to an unplanned buying

(Koski, 2012)

When I see a special promotion, I involve in impulse buying immediately

(KIM, 2003)

Clearance sale make me to buying immediately

(KIM, 2003)


Online reviews indicate to any positive or negative online customers’ comments about goods to encourage customers to buying particular items impulsively.

Customers reviews help me decide to make an unplanned buying decisions when shopping online

(Koski, 2012)

Comments from other customers makes me do a buying not planned

Knowing the quantity left of an item helps me make my impulse buying decision.