Definition of factor


group of different motivational tools, is originated to influence customers to buy abundant goods or services within short periods of time without any prior knowledge of items (Kotler, Keller, Brady, Goodman, & Hansen, 2012) .


online reviews indicate to any positive or negative online customers comments about new goods to encourage customers to purchase particular items with no past knowledge of the items (Kem, Zhang et al., 2018) .


Advertising is an effective tool to catch people attention and to convert their behavior positively toward items make them involve in impulse purchase. Advertisement convinces consumers to respond to their urge to buy products impulsively. (Malik et al., 2013) .


Experience spontaneous and sudden impetus to execute on-the-spot purchases and behave on these felt urges with little (conscious) conference of consequence (Wells et al., 2018) based on (Beatty & Ferrell, 1987) .


The availability of money is a facilitator in the IB process, since it accelerates the buying power of the individual. If the customers does not have enough money, they will avoid the shopping environment altogether (Tinne, 2011) .