Women buy different types of products on impulse compared to men and purchase more effectively than men

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Consumers from variety age buy impulsively differently.

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The availability of cash is a facilitator in the IB system as it speeds up the individual’s purchasing power. If the customers have insufficient money, they will completely avoid the shopping environment

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The level of education is affected on consumers who buy impulsively.

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The part of the character of a person that consists of his feelings as opposed to his thoughts. Positive or negative consumers’ emotions could effect on impulse buying.

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Satisfying the desires, gaining others’ respect

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Enjoying and having fun

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Experience spontaneous and sudden impetus to make on - the-spot purchases and behave with little (conscious) consequence conference on these felt urges.

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Website quality

The level of trust in website, safety and the design of website

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Group of different motivational tools, is originated to trigger customers to buy abundant goods or services within short periods of time

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Shopping with others

Shopping with friends, family or peers

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Comments and reviews

Online reviews indicate to any positive or negative online customers comments about goods to encourage customers to purchase particular items

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Advertising is an effective tool to catch people attention and to convert their behavior positively toward items. Advertisement convinces consumers to use product at least once in their lives

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